On My Crafting Table…

crochet project - in process

This is what’s currently happening on my crafting table.

In fact, I am trying to fight the cold and rainy weather that we are having right now with as many colors as possible. I am definitely not giving up my good mood easily. Anyhow, the whole project is just a few steps away from being finished… but until I can show it to you, I wonder – do you have any ideas what it will be? Just guess, it’s fun! ūüôā

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5 thoughts on “On My Crafting Table…

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    Sherrill says:

    I love owls!! Eagerly awaiting his introduction to the rest of us. As soon as I saw the photo, I thought ‘those look like owl eyes’. So glad I was right. Have a wonderful day.

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    Adriana says:

    Now that I know the answer, I can’t wait for the final product.

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