Random Joy


Hello, dear friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying life’s little pleasures as much as possible.

Here’s what made me happy recently…

… Easter! Because during Easter one has a permission to eat as many chocolate eggs as desired. I live by this rule and I am loving it!



And more Easter!

Don’t you just love all the colors emerging everywhere around?

So energizing!




This is another thing that I am excited about – my fast growing crocheted project.




I have all parts done now. All 99 of them. Assembling ensues. Yaay!




This little celebration of mine!




And more chocolate… hehe…




The other day, while I was walking home, a little boy gave me this flower. I didn’t know the boy at all which made the whole experience very, very sweet.




A trip to the woods.

Nature is a constant source of amazement to me. Especially in spring.




And that’s it!

Have a wonderful, wonderful week, that’s what I wish to you!!!




Oh, and one more thing – I have just discovered a fantastic radio channel. It plays upbeat running music all the time. Although I don’t run at all, I love to use the music for other purposes… like… cleaning the house… or eating Easter chocolates… okay, and dancing a bit too… 🙂

To play the radio, just click this link: Fun Radio Running.

See you soon!


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    Dena says:

    Thanks for the joy!

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