The first piece of news that I feel the need to report is that I am working on a new pattern.

You can see it in a yet to be assembled state.

Would you be able to say what it’s gonna be?

Easy to guess? Or not?


In other news, we are moving. Which makes me glad. And nervous. All at the same time.

Glad because we are moving to a nicer and bigger city and we’ll have so many new things to explore (and take pictures of, and share with you). And nervous because I have yet to pack my kitchen.

Mars bars. Many. They help. That is all I can say.

The day ‘D’ is happening on Friday. Most of all, I can’t wait to see what the light in our new place will look like. Gosh, has my looking at things changed in the past few years. I now value good light better than anything else.

So yeah, stay tuned, there are new adventures ahead of us!

And back to the picture above – what is your guess then?


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