Macro Trip

I spent the previous weekend in various acrobatic positions.

Ahem! No… not that!

Even though…

But no, there’s something else I want to share.

The activity had something to do with my new macro lens that has arrived recently.

And let me tell you that the lens received more than warm welcome.

As a true photographer, as soon as I got it (and stopped jumping up and down with joy… which lasted a good couple of minutes) I ran outside and no one saw me for another two days.

A macro lens lets you get very close to various tiny subjects.

And that is exactly what I was trying to do during those days.

You wouldn’t find me farther than 4 inches away from different kinds of flowers, bugs, insects and grasses.

All that time I was basically wallowing in sweet amazement by how wonderful the small world that we barely see with our own eyes really is.

Everything too tiny – which my previous lens had trouble to focus on – I could now have a proper look at.

Just enjoy this thistle.

Isn’t it just beautiful?

And these leaves.

I love them.

Another thistle… and a little bonus – an ant!

Words can hardly express how happy my heart was when I could focus on that ant.

Such tiny a thing – and my camera said: ‘Yes, I’ll do the job for you’.


Another thing that I love about this macro lens is the background in the pictures.

The lens is able to make the background look rather blurry and focus on only very tiny parts of the subjects.

Which, in fact, allows for creating an impressive, artistic-like look.

I’ve also taken a picture of this daisy for you.

And now, if you will please excuse me, I’ve just noticed a bug near here.

And I really have to… you know what.

See ya later!

And have a wonderful week.



8 thoughts on “Macro Trip

  1. 1
    Kausambi says:

    Awesome! I personally LOV macro and thats pretty how i shoot everything ever (my family calls me macro-gal sometimes :()


    Oh yaa, found u on facebook! And, ahem, ‘liked’ it too 🙂 Oh Oh and i got my own ‘group’ on fb too now (Colored Grains). Awesome how fb lets you connect, eh?

  2. 2
    tofugirl says:

    I felt EXACTLY the same way when I got my first macro lens! I took closeup photos of everything (my floorboards–that’s how I discovered they are extremely scratched and need polishing, flower centers, etc.). In fact, I hardly ever take the lens off my camera! Beautiful photos 😀

  3. 3

    and im still waiting for my dslr :<


  4. 4
    Marge says:

    Just gorgeous, Petra. What size macro are you using?

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