I Can No Longer Hide…

I guess I can no longer hide who this guy is going to be.

Or can I?

So far he’s really enjoyed obtaining his very own trunk, an almost finished head and almost finished eyes.

Also, for some reason, I’m making my toys bigger and bigger still.

I wonder where I can get in this respect…

The Weekend

The past weekend was wonderful.

All in all, I spent it as usual – maniacally running around and taking pictures of everything that had caught my attention.

First, I inspected some animals really closely.

But then I got confused by who was in fact inspecting whom.

So I rather walked away.

Then I found Kiran.

I knew I’d visit him again soon.

He turned one year last week.

Just look how joyous and carefree he can be.

He is a real mood booster.

After waving Kiran goodbye, I visited the most beautiful castle on the planet.

On Sunday we went to see my parents.

I checked what was new in my Mom’s atelier…

… and I found this gorgeous new painting.

I love it – as always, it’s full of .oobies.

Then I couldn’t believe my own eyes when Mom showed me these new baskets.

They hadn’t been bought – my Mom’s Dad made them.


That was all I could say.

Meanwhile a storm had come and gone – leaving Mom’s garden even more amazing than before.

The flowers definitely enjoyed the shower.

They looked happy and invigorated.

Oh, and the little cute things with eyes that ‘inhabit’ the garden – their number is growing really fast.

There were so many new that I hadn’t seen before.

This one, for instance, has a very interesting story.

Mom said, she had been feeding this bird all winter and it’s gotten so fat it couldn’t take off and lives in the garden now.

These guys were hiding behind a flower pot – luckily I found them.

What a gorgeous weekend it was – I hope you had a lovely one too.

Have a superb week y’all.



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