Spring Is in the Air

Yesterday afternoon caught me wondering when the real spring was coming.

After the long, cold winter the weather is becoming slightly milder around here where I live, and the days are significantly longer then they were just a while ago.

Which leaves me feeling like dancing on clouds.

But I want more, I need more, that’s just not enough for me…

My curiousness became so unbearable it made me go outside and perform some serious investigation.

After certain difficulties involving wading through mud and things I’d rather left unspoken I found this…


Please, feel free to express your gratitude in e-mails because this is some important research indeed.

Wonderful buds… they will soon be bursting with unbelievable amounts of life.

Of course, I will be posting the pictures of these trees in bloom as soon as it all happens.

Because there is nothing like a cherry tree dressed in white.

At least I think so…

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