How I Wrapped The Cookie Lollipops

Lately I’ve made some yummy cookie lollipops.

In case you wonder how to wrap a cookie lollipop I’ll show you.

It’s really easy!

All you need is a piece of cellophane, some transparent duct tape, some lovely colorful ribbons and a pair of scissors.

That’s all.

1. First you cut a rectangle out of the cellophane.

My cookies were 3- inches (7 cm) wide and had 7-inches (15 cm) long sticks put in them.

For these measurements I used a 7×6 inches (17×15 cm) cellophane rectangle.

Place the lolly onto the cellophane – with its front side facing downwards.

2. Fold the left side…

3. … then the right side and seal it with a strip of the duct tape.

4. Then fold the top side of the cellophane rectangle and use some duct tape again to seal it.

5. Now we’ve created a nice little sleeve for our lovely cookie (I wanted the sleeve to be a little shorter here so I cut it a bit).

6. To give it the last touch tie the ribbon around the stick tightly.

You can even make a bow if you feel like it.


I’m sure everyone will be amazed by your wonderful cookie lollies!

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    Amy says:

    OMG, i was stressing over how to cover my lollipops, because i could not find those plastic covers and what not! but this is such a great idea! thank you so much!!

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