New Pattern – Knit Cable Baby Blanket! ♡♡♡

knit cable blanket pattern

Hi friends!

I am super excited today to let you know that I have just finished a new pattern for you today. It’s a knitted project for my beloved Cable Blanket… and if you’d like to find more details about it straight away, you can find it here and here.

To my astonishment I have just recently realized that I introduced this blanket design to you almost a year ago. Time really flies!

And have I already mentioned that me and this blanket, it’s a true love? Want to see a proof?


knit cable blanket pattern

I have made quite a few and I am not really sure I am done… 🙂


knit cable blanket pattern

I often wonder what is it about those twists and cables that mesmerize me so and make me start another blanket as soon as I finish one…


knit cable blanket pattern

This project has made me happy during some rainy days.


knit cable blanket pattern

Or some days when I needed to do some thinking.


knit cable blanket pattern

I am madly in love with all of these cute blanket. They work great as baby blankets and as lap blankets for adults too.


knit cable blanket pattern


Wishing you a lovely day and sending lots of love.

Petra 🙂


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