Art with Kids: Paul Klee – Cat and Bird (Art Lesson for Children)

Art with Kids - Paul Klee - Cat and Bird

Hi friends!

Today I would like to share a little art project with you.

As you may or may not know, I have a little-beloved-6-year-old-first-grader son at home and making art projects is what we like to do.

And because we find it so much fun we thought it can, perhaps, inspire some of you too…


Paul Klee - Cat and Bird

Sooo… lately, we found a great artist recommended for primary art lessons called Paul Klee… and let me tell you – he is my hero now (I LOVE the colors he was using!!!).

The specific painting we chose is called “Cat and Bird”.

The photo above is the original painting by Paul Klee (photo via WikiArt). Isn’t it just cute?

These are the materials we used:
-wax crayons
-clean water

What this project taught us:
-basics of composition
-how to draw a cat
-wax resist technique
-watercolor wet-on-wet technique

Oh, and before we start – we got the idea from this cute little educational cartoon called “Art with Mati and Dada“. I wholeheartedly recommend the Art with Mati and Dada series that are available on YouTube for free.


Paul Klee - Cat and Bird - Art Lesson for Kids

1. First, we drew the cat and the bird.


Paul Klee - Cat and Bird - Art Lesson for Kids

When we learn to draw something new, I often prepare step by step instructions for my little boy.


He finds the process much easier and enjoyable this way.


Paul Klee - Cat and Bird - Art Lesson for Kids

2. Then we traced the drawing with colored wax crayons.


Paul Klee - Cat and Bird - Art Lesson for Kids

Just like this.


Paul Klee - Cat and Bird - Art Lesson for Kids

3. After that, we covered the whole paper with a lot of clean water, making a good base for our wet-on-wet watercolor painting.


Art with Kids - Paul Klee - Cat and Bird
4. And finally, with our brush loaded with specific colors, we applied them onto the paper. The pigments started to diffuse causing the colors to blend into each other beautifully.

Art Lesson for Kids - Paul Klee - Cat and Bird

And that is all my friends.

We will be back with more art soon!

With love,

Mommy and Son


Sending Love!

heart mosaic

Dearest friends!

Long time no see, huh?

To those of you who wondered how I am doing and to those of you who sent me wonderful messages (even after all those years I haven’t shown up) – THANK YOU!

I would just like to let you all know that I am still here, thank God. I am doing great, living in my colorful world.

colorful heart mosaic

I am sending you love and colors with this mosaic I finished recently … and I hope I’ll be able to send you more happy glitter in the future.

love heart

Love you guys!

Petra ♡♡♡

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