How On Earth?

Hi guys?

Today, I have a little puzzle for us to solve …or not.

My question is: Can you spot anything strange about the picture above?

Oh yes, you surely can.

I took the picture of this lovely and cheery gentleman the other day. But maybe I shouldn’t have seen the whole thing, because from that moment on I’ve been completely confused, perplexed, and bewildered. BECAUSE I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES! AND IT WAS REAL! So how on Earth does this man float above the Earth? How? I need to know! I want my sleep back! I want my peace back! I want a Mars bar!


Have you got any ideas?

Could he really be levitating?

I am desperately seeking the answer!

Yours truly,

Petra, The Puzzled One

Donut Mini Muffins

donut miniature muffins step by step recipe

Hi, dear friends!

Today I am here to present these cute donut mini muffins.

I have many nice words to say about them:

1. They are very yummy.
2. Their taste and their texture resembles cinnamon sugar doughnut holes, even though these are muffins and they are baked.
3. I secretly fell in love with Javier Bardem today after watching Eat, Pray, Love… but psst, that really is a secret (sorry but I just need to share these important facts with you).
4. These mini muffins are super quick to make. Not even half an hour will have passed from when you start the work just until you taste your first muffin.
5. With their generous amounts of nutmeg and cinnamon, these babies provide a super-nice fall experience.
6. Which reminds me – Javier Bardem is super-nice too!
7. Please, pay no attention to points 3 and 6 of this list. Thank you.



donut mini muffins ingredienst recipe step by step with pictures

To make your cinnamon sugar donut mini muffins you will need these simple ingredients.



donut miniature muffins recipe step by step with pictures

1. First, preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).

2. Grease 24 mini-muffin cups (or you can brush/spray them with some vegetable oil). Then dust the cups with a little flour.

3. In a bowl of your electric mixer, combine the sugar (1/2 cup – 100 grams), the margarine (1/4 cup – 60 grams), the nutmeg, the milk, the baking powder, and the flour.

Mix until just combined, about 20 seconds. In muffin world, it is good not to overbeat the batter. And in muffin batter, lumps are perfectly all right. It might just be the simplest batter ever.

Buchty (Sweet Jam-Filled Buns)

sweet jam filled buns in a baking pan

The title of this post might be one of the strangest titles I have ever used.

So let me make it clear to you.

The word ‘buchty‘ is a plural form of a word ‘buchta’. So there’s one buchta, and there are two or three buchty.

Fun, ha?

Okay, that did not really make things more clear. So let me tell you a bit more. The word buchta or buchty not only sounds fun but it really exists.

Whoa, right?

Actually, it is a proper word of my native language, which is Slovak and it is spoken by a couple of people who live in Slovakia (a small country in the very heart of Europe). When these people say buchta you now know they are talking about a wonderful baked jam-filled bun that many of them are kind of addicted to.

The fact is that not only me but many generations of my ancestors grew up on this delicious and simple dessert. It is been here for hundreds of years, and we’ve all loved it, so who knows, maybe you will like it too.

Frankly, I am sure you will…



sweet jam filled buns ingredients

Here’s what we need to make our own buchty.

I just love using that word in English text.



sweet jam filled buns yeasty dough rising in a bowl

1. First, in a large bowl, combine the dry ingredients (the all-purpose flour, the cake flour, the instant dry yeast, the sugar, and the salt).

2. Add the lukewarm milk (2 cups – 480 ml), the eggs and egg yolk, the vanilla extract, and the vegetable oil.

3. Knead, either by hand or with your electric mixer, until the dough is smooth and less sticky.

The dough should be somewhere between firm and runny, so you can use a little more milk or a little more flour to make it look alright.

For the sake of tradition, I kneaded the dough by hand and it took me about 15 minutes to get the consistency I liked.

A Trip To A Nature Museum

vienna nature science museum building outside view picture

Last weekend me and my boyfriend thought it was the best time to go and visit one of Vienna’s many museums.

So we chose the Nature Museum, and we were glad we did.

Would you like to see what we saw?

Just have a look, you are invited…



vienna nature science museum stone and minerals exposition

We started with stones – the most basic representation of elements – and slowly we proceeded towards  more complex organisms.



vienna nature science museum stone and minerals exposition

Scientific explanation of the picture above: ‘This is a lot of stones, ladies and gentlemen’.

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