crochet owl coasters


The colorful project that I showed you in my last post is all finished. For a while I dared change my old crochet-pattern-making ways and decided to make a few owl coasters. I made 32. Originally, I thought it would take me a week. It took me a month instead. A very sweet month, though.

Now onto dividing the coasters into colorful sets of 4 and into the shop they fly.

Will be back with more info soon.


Color Junkie

crochet coasters

Lately I have been trying to find bits and pieces of free time to work on my new colorful project. I will tell you more about it as soon as it’s finished and presentable. For now, I would like to share some of the colorful deliciousness that’s lying on my table right now.

Have I already mentioned that I loooove to crochet?!

And have I mentioned I loooove colors?!

And have I mentioned I loooove YOU?!


crochet coasters

Sending lots of positive vibes your way!!

Petra ♡♡♡

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