Crochet Angel Ornaments (Pattern No. 74)

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Crochet Pattern - Crochet Angel Ornaments

Crochet Angel Ornaments (Pattern No. 74)

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Pattern Description:
This is a PDF PATTERN for crocheted ‘Angel Ornaments’.

The cute ornaments that you can create with this pattern will be about 4.5 inches (11 cm) tall.

The pattern that you will receive is very detailed. It comes with a 13-page easy to follow written instructions and photo tutorial. The photo tutorial contains 16 helpful STEP-BY-STEP pictures to make the project as easy to follow as possible.

This project is a lot of fun and it is much easier than it looks!

The pattern is written in standard American terms. It contains comprehensive information on supplies, abbreviation keys, stitch count, and extra notes to help explain the process.


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Happy crocheting!

(Please, do not copy, distribute, or resell this pattern.)
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New Picture: Crochet Angel Wings On Decoupaged Background

crochet angel wings and decoupage

Hi friends!

First of all, Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it! May it be PEACEFUL and nice!!

And now, the picture… I made this one just recently for my own place, to hang above my baby’s bed, to be more precise. One can never have enough positive energy at home, right?


crochet angel wings and decoupage

So yes, once again I dived into what’s so close to my heart – the angels’ realm. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had long been looking for a new way to display my crochet items, and one day – out of nowhere, I got this idea to attach them to pictures, painted or decoupaged. My head has since been buzzing with new ideas, the only thing now I need is TIIIME (but who doesn’t, right?) !!! 🙂


crochet angel wings and decoupage

Trying both a slightly new crocheting technique and the technique of decoupage for the first time, I have to say that I am pretty happy how they both turned out. I might describe the crocheting technique in one of my future posts. The decoupaged part has been created by gluing pieces of torn napkins onto a firm paper (I used 1:1 water-glue solution for gluing).

Also, sun-catching elements are kind of my obsession right now and I have happily used them to embellish this picture too – I just looooove meeeee some golden buttons, charms, golden leaves and crystals. Gimme, gimme more…


crochet angel wings and decoupage

Just recently I bought a couple of painter’s canvases to try how and if a decoupage works there… I’ll definitely share it with you when more pictures are done…

Oh, and if you are a fan of decoupage or have some experience or advice in that, please do share! I’d love to hear your thoughts…

With lots of love,

Petra 🙂

Bohemian Crochet Dream Catcher

crochet dream catcher picture

It’s a wild thing, I know… 🙂

And I love it!!!!

I am incredibly happy to introduce my newest creation to you today, my sweet Bohemian Crochet Dream Catcher.


crochet dream catcher picture

It’s a project of love… 🙂


crochet dream catcher picture

In fact, the hardest thing about this project was naming it… it definitely is a dream catcher… a picture too… a mixed media thing… so, yeah, I think I’ll just call it a dream catcher.


crochet dream catcher picture

All in all, this project came out of nowhere, I had not planned to make anything like this, but when the image of it appeared in my mind I knew this was it. It needed to be put together.


crochet dream catcher picture

Step-by-step, in a slow tempo, I kept adding bits and pieces to this picture, savoring every moment, building it layer by layer, attaching this and that, until I was happy with the overall feeling it gave out.


crochet dream catcher picture

On top of making me incredibly happy while marveling at all its colors and bling, I am proud that this picture also has a mission.

With all its lush colors, shiny stones and Marilyn Monroe’s smile it attracts evil spirits (at least that’s what I decided to believe 🙂 ) and then, when they get nicely tangled in the catcher net, they get a lovely dose of Psalm 23 and some sweet love power coming from the heart charms attached to it.

And the evil just goes sssss… Burnt. Evaporated. Gone. Job done!


crochet dream catcher picture

Love the embellishments.

crochet dream catcher picture

Hi Marilyn!


crochet dream catcher picture

A great thing to protect the home… 🙂


crochet dream catcher picture

Thanks friends for letting me share.

I wonder, do you like to fill your home with items that are supposed to protect or clear the space? What are they?

With lots of love,

Petra xoxo


Livin’ La Vida Boho


Hi friends. How are you doing?

Over here, in my world, I am living ‘la vida boho’ (haha).

I am not really sure why and how it happened to me, but for some reason I realized that the so called bohemian style is what i want to dive into these days. So I went in, head first.

As I realized, the ocean of boho style is incredibly deep and beautiful… and mesmerizing… and soul-nourishing… and energy recharging. Oh the colors, the warmth, the cheerfulness, the richness of the textures, the comfort it brings… everything about it appeals to me IMMENSELY. Right now I am in the state where I just want to ‘bohemian-ize’ everything around me… (in case you come near, you’ve been warned)… . To outline the vision, I might as well call this year THE YEAR OF BOHO, building colorful happy shields whenever and wherever possible.

Anyways, learning how to channel this style, I have a few projects in works these days. I cannot wait to show them to you once they are fully finished (they even involve pictures I made… I know… what?). Until then, I thought I could just introduce to you a few parts of my fast growing boho collection…



These are just a few of my favorites. Seeing this, my heart is singing happy songs!



Somewhere along the way I got this idea of placing crocheted items on the pictures I make. And that idea has put me in a state of complete and utter THRILL :).

Well, yes, I realized that I had been searching for a different way to display my crocheted pieces for such a long time but did not really know how… and now I found the way. Yippee! The possibilities are endless and I see this as a very long and amazing journey for me. Will you join me? 🙂



To display my crocheted items, I’ve made a few backgrounds – painted and decoupaged. The background above is a decoupage (paper cutouts glued onto paper). This was my first try at this craft and I loved it!!! So amazing and relaxing!



Then the crocheted pieces and some charms join the game and the picture will soon be ready for you to see (stay tuned).



Speaking of charms… Hello my darling ones!! 🙂 You complete my life!



This is a sneak peek of my other project. There are feathers and some really powerful words involved – this picture has a mission. Soon all will be revealed in more detail.



Here’s a detail of the corner, I am still playing with different ideas and placements before it’s really finished. I was thinking – can you ever go over the top in the bohemian style? 🙂

Well, all in all, this is just the game that I need now. Gimme those embellishments!!! 🙂



I hope you enjoyed this little boho extravaganza. Will be back with more soon!

Take care!

With lots of love,
Petra xoxo