New Pattern – Crochet Earflap Beanie

crochet earflap beanie pattern

Hi guys!

Here I am with the first pattern of this year – Crochet Earflap Beanie!

If you are in the mood to create something easy and useful, then this might be just the right thing!

The pattern for the earflap beanies contains 72 step-by-step pictures to help you along the way. So yes, it should be really easy to follow.

To find the pattern and learn more details about it, you can visit my shop or Etsy.


crochet earflap beanie pattern


crochet earflap beanie pattern


crochet earflap beanie pattern


earflap beanies

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine!

Today I am stopping by to show you a few things that have been making me really happy recently. My little pleasures.

Like, the number of the earflap beanies that I have finished in the past days is starting to look a little foolishly dangerous… but in a very awesome and thrilling way! Oh well, I just love crochet.


pom pom and crochet earflap beanie

Pom-poms. They are so much fun to make!


ingredients for green smoothie

After some time I remembered to make me these nice green smoothies again. They are really delicious and I feel good for being nicer to my body.


green detox smoothie

So yummy!

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