cactus with pink flower in yellow pot

(Photography Project 365 – Day 59)

Today I would love to introduce to you the newest addition to my crafting nook.

Dear readers, please meet Rudolf. Dear Rudolf, please meet my dear readers.

Oh, and who’s that Rudolf exactly?

Rudolf is my newest cactus :).



I like him a lot. I think he’s brought nice and bright energy into this space.

Thank you for letting me share!

I wish you a cheerful and sunshiny day!



New Felt & Crochet Happy Picture

framed crochet and felt picture

I am very happy to say that I finished my new spring welcoming picture today.

It has crocheted birds, it has a tree in bloom, it has a happy flower and it has a few bugs too.

What I actually did is that I combined everything colorful that I could find at home (my crocheted birds, my crocheted flower, bug pins, felt, a few sequins and some artificial decorative grass). I just put all those things together in an enthusiastic and rather frantic way :). There was sewing, gluing, pinning and a lot of enjoying involved.

And that frame? It is a very cheap thing from Ikea called Nyttja. They have them in many colors.

I like my new picture a lot, I have to admit. It just brightens up the whole room and puts a smile on my face each time I look at it.

I wish you a nice and colorful day!


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