New Pattern ~ Crochet Chain Scarf


It’s cold outside baby, let’s make a delicious scarf.

This is what I thought after I’d noticed lovely skeins of thick and soft green yarn in my local craft shop. The ideas started brewing really quickly, and when I spotted the wonderful wooden buttons in one of the aisles, I could see the project perfectly clearly…

A Crocheted Chain Scarf

Random Joy


Little things in life need to be appreciated, cherished and shared.

Well, at least I think so.

Here’s what made me happy recently…


Fruit salad – a bowl bursting with health.




Fruit yogurt parfaits, they are so adorable.

Rice Pudding


Rice pudding used to be one of my most favorite treats when I was a kid.

My beloved Mom liked to prepare it quite often. Sometimes she made a rice pudding, and sometimes she turned rice pudding into a sweet rice pie, a lovely comfort food which you achieve by baking sweet boiled rice for a couple of minutes and then you serve it with fruit syrup. I liked that one too. But frankly, I liked it much better when my Mom had a bit of a lazy day and declared ‘That’s it!’ over a pot of steaming and fragrant boiled rice. I can still remember those days… the pot was green, the rice was sweet, and the life was magical.

Oh yeah, childhood… but back to the recipe… this is how I made the treat today…



This is what we need.

Oh, how I love simplicity.




1. In a medium saucepan combine the milk, …

New Pattern ~ Crochet Fingerless Gloves


Crochet Fingerless Gloves – my new pattern.

I like these a lot. They are warm, cozy, and having all those cheerful colors, they are really fun to wear.



Do you remember this Crochet Owl Purse?

The gloves were actually made to match the purse.

A cute couple they make.


In case you’d like to see more details about the gloves, just visit my shop.

Happy weekend, dear friends!

See you soon!


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