Christmas Plans

These past weeks before Christmas have been quite busy, I have to admit.

Oh yeah, I am surely not the only one having it that way.

With the major projects successfully finished and the presents all ready, things are beginning to slow down here in my world and I am starting to feel the true peaceful and merry spirit of Christmas.

I have even dreamed up some sweet holiday plans for me to enjoy in the days to come:

  • I will finally have time to finish a crocheted Red Panda for my nephew. You can see the started project in the picture above. Once it gets finished, I will definitely show it to you. (Thank you for your patience, Gaby!)
  • I am planning to watch as many Christmas movies as possible! That is crucial. Needs to be done.
  • Then eggnog, there needs to be eggnog. A lot of eggnog.
  • Also, it was pretty long ago when I thought it would make me really happy if I learned to play at least one of INXS songs on the piano. I think the time has come for their amazing ‘Mystify Me’ to enter my life. Whee!
  • I want to take nice pictures of trees and use a cute Photoshop technique to edit them in a special way. That is a project I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time. Can’t wait! Taking pictures and using my fantasy to edit them are such wonderful and fulfilling activities.

But most of all, I just want to spend a nice and joyful time with my loved ones.

And you, dear friends, do you have any happy plans for Christmas? What’s there you are looking for? I’d love to know?

With lots of love,


Chocolate Cookies With Nuts And White Chocolate Chunks


I am definitely making these chocolate cookies for Christmas.

You know, we have a very serious chocoholic in our family.

It’s my Mom.

My beloved Mom.

And because my love for her is so big, I always try to include as many chocolate recipes in my holiday baking list as possible.

I am sure my Mom will love these. Totally and completely sure.

In my humble opinion, these cookies taste just amazing – with their wonderfully soft centers, crunchy edges, full chocolaty flavor which is perfectly balanced with white chocolate chunks and delicious nuts, they have a strong potential to be perfect and genuine crowd pleasers.

Here’s how to make them…

New Pattern ~ Crochet Animals (Ornaments, Appliques, Garland)

crochet animal ornaments pattern

Look what’s on our Christmas tree!

Smiley faces overload.

We have a very cheerful tree this year – teddy bears, monkeys, cats, and the owls that I made the other day – these all make us very happy.

Oh, there’s nothing like the joy of creating your own handmade decorations.

Especially if they look and smile back at you!



crochet animals faces - teddy bear, monkey, cat  - garland, appliques, tree ornaments

As usual, I have put together a pattern for those of you who’d like to make these cheerful faces too.

The pattern contains 64 helpful pictures to make the project as easy to follow as possible.

These cuties can be used as Christmas tree ornaments, …


crochet toy animal faces - cat, teddy bear, monkey - appliques, ornaments, garland

… you can use them as appliques for your craft projects, …



crochet toy animal faces - cat, teddy bear, monkey - appliques, ornaments, garland

… and I’m sure your kids will love you forever and beyond if you make a happy garland like this one for them.

For more info, feel free to visit my online shop.

See you soon!

With lots of love,


In Progress

balls and skeins of yarn, crochet work, crochet hook, scissors, needle, and mug with tea on the table

I cannot wait to show you my newest pattern.

It only needs a few finishing touches before it can be published. So till then, here’s a little sneak peek into my busy day today.

I love it when my days are filled with crafting, designing, taking pictures, and milk tea.

They are the best days ever.

See you soon.



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