Spring Is In The Air

crochet bird


Spring is in the air?

Well, not really.

But at least I can make thousands of these cute little birdies to make me feel that way.

Off to crochet…

And wishing you a colorful day!



Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

knitting with chain of crochet stitches


Oh, that might easily be the strangest title I have ever used.

Anyhow, the thing is that I decided to make an experiment. I decided to turn a skein of yarn into a chain of crochet stitches and have a look at what it would look like if I used that chain to knit with.


Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

The inspiration came from this lovely yarn that I recently used to make a knit infinity scarf. This yarn looks a bit like it’s been crocheted, doesn’t it?


Trying To Knit With Chain Of Crochet Stitches

So, I tried it. I turned one skein of light worsted weight yarn into a chain of crochet stitches (the yarn is called Red Heart – Bella, DK). I used a G hook (4 mm) to do that.

And my hands look dry.



knitting with chain of crochet stitches

I then grabbed the largest knitting needles I own (13 mm), cast on 36 stitches and followed a very simple ‘knit 1, purl 1’ pattern.

And this is the result.


knitting with chain of crochet stitches


The plus side I see is that working this way is fun and unusual, the final product is super chunky and warm and the texture is really interesting. But I also see some negatives… like… that a lot of yarn gets used and, well, I imagined the result being a little more neat.

I also thought I could try using a bulky yarn, much larger hook and much larger knitting needles to try this.

If I do do that, I will definitely keep you posted about the result.

Hm, what do you think?


I wish you a great day!

Petra, The Scientist


Like Alice In Wonderland

hobby and crafs store


I have been to heaven and back today.

And it only lasted two hours.

Because that’s exactly how long the trip to my most favorite hobby shop lasts.

What I like there best? Hm, let me tell you… buttons, fabrics, funny hats, all those colors, pretty yarns, needles, threads, beads… and interesting make up and more fabrics and more buttons. That is what I like there best.Yeah!

Do you have a store like that too? A store that you really, really like? And use as a therapy place, perhaps? 🙂


Sunday Breakfast

crepes for Sunday breakfast

(Photography Project 365 – Day 34)

Our breakfast today.

Enjoyed much!


I wish you a gorgeous new week!


(P.S.: To make the crepes, I use my recipe that you can find here. These were filled with yummy apricot jam. Fingerlicking!)


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