Sunday Greetings


Hi dear friends!

I hope you are doing fine and enjoying a lovely Sunday.

Here in my world, the day has been unfolding beatifully so far, with me being seated at my desk, working at some cute craft projects. Oh, the bliss!

There are quite a few projects that have been keeping me busy lately – pullovers and angels mostly. The knit pullovers? They are the easiest ones to make, I am currently making a tutorial to show you the details. And the angels? It seems that I am building an army, spiritual warfare happening here (I am planning to put some in my shop and to make a pattern too).



I will talk about these projects soon.



For now, I am wishing you a wonderful and happy day!

With lots of love,

Petra xoxo


Great News! More Payment Options Now Available In My Etsy Shop!

zoomyummy crochet patterns

If you are into handmade goods and art, you might have already heard about Etsy – a wonderful marketplace for independent artisans.

I’ve had a crochet pattern store on Etsy for almost five years now (wooow, how time flies!) and I have to say that I have always felt so great for having that opportunity. It became clear to me from the very beginning that the people behind Etsy were fully dedicated to their job/mission and that their main priority was to bring the best services possible to both sellers and customers. They definitely strive for continues improvement.

And these days the Etsy folks have achieved one of their big goals which I think I should definitely let you know about (since many of you, dear readers and crocheters, asked me about this). To be more specific, up till now, if you wanted to purchase a pattern in my shop, the only way to pay was by using PayPal. But things have changed for better! Since Etsy has recently widened the group of countries where Direct Checkout is possible, my shop now offers all kinds of payment options including credit cards, debit/bank cards, iDEAL (Netherlands only), Sofort (Austria and Germany), Google Wallet, Apple Pay, even Etsy Gift Cards.

I know this might mean that some of you who were not able to obtain one of my patterns in the past will be able to do so now. And that makes me really happy.

Happy crocheting!


Crochet Owl Coasters Have Landed In The Shop

crochet owl coasters

From time to time I receive a question asking me whether I sell actual crochet products in my shop. I reply that I design the items and make patterns, but maybe one day… And that day has come. I just had this strong feeling recently that I should be nice and polite and make some real stuff for those of you who like crocheted items but haven’t yet mastered this craft. As crochet owls are the product that you guys seem to like a lot in my shop, it was very easy for me to choose what to make.


crochet owl coasters

Sooo, without further ado, a few crochet coasters have just landed in my shop. They are grouped into sets of 4. If you want to learn more details, you are more than welcome to… just click THIS link.


crochet owl coasters


With lots of love,


(And if you are interested in the pattern, you can still find it HERE.)


crochet owl coasters


The colorful project that I showed you in my last post is all finished. For a while I dared change my old crochet-pattern-making ways and decided to make a few owl coasters. I made 32. Originally, I thought it would take me a week. It took me a month instead. A very sweet month, though.

Now onto dividing the coasters into colorful sets of 4 and into the shop they fly.

Will be back with more info soon.